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Welcome to The Fish Research List! Here you will find detailed profiles on aquarium flora and fauna. The information provided about each animal or plant will give all the background you need for use in starting a biotope, community, or species aquarium. The goal of this site is to further knowledge and encourage responsibility regarding the underwater world and to help everyone bring that knowledge into the hobby of aquaria. We believe that happy, healthy fish make for a better aquarium and a more enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking to learn something new or share your fish keeping knowledge, The Fish Research List is the place!

Why Is The Fish Research List Different?

The information here is a compilation of much research about each plant or fish. When researching it can become frustrating to continually find contradicting or incomplete information. We have done the research and compiled it all here. There are two types of information on this site. Some of the profile items are averages and some are collections of data. The sources for each species's information can be found at the bottom of their respective profile. They are all online so that your can visit them and check them out for yourself. We hope that this site will be useful in your quest to learn more about the proper care of aquarium fish, invertebrates, corals and plants.

Please e-mail us suggestions, corrections, or additions.

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